Beginners are Winners | HCC Journal 12

Spring has truly sprung, and what better way to embrace the warmer weather than by answering the Spartan call!

We're excited to be supporting the Spartan Race once again, and this year, we've launched a new entry challenge - Beginners Are Winners!

If you're looking for a challenge that'll demand every ounce of your strength, willpower and sheer determination, then look no further than the legendary Spartan Race series.

Spartan events span the world's most popular obstacle courses, going head to head in a series of physical challenges to test your endurance, adaptability and focus. If obstacle courses aren't your calling, then the Spartan trail events are some of the most demanding endurance events hosted on planet Earth. With everything from multi-stage mountain bike races, team-based endurance missions and solo trail running, you'll discover what you're really made of. Head over to the Spartan Race website for a full list of events.

To celebrate our continued support of the Spartan Race, we've created a new challenge; BEGINNERS ARE WINNERS.

This competition gives you the chance to race in a Spartan event and be in the mix to win a cash prize and an HCC bundle of goodies. We want to introduce intrepid challengers to the Spartan series, so we've teamed up with selected gyms and Spartan trainers throughout the UK to host qualifiers. The two winners from each registered trainer/gym will be entered into the Amateur/Open group at an upcoming Spartan event.

Registered trainers include Torque Training, Vault 164 and Primal Fitness.

So what are you waiting for? Throw your name in the ring and get ready to find out what you're made of.