Staying Motivated | HCC Journal 17

Welcome to the HCC Journal!

In this edition, we explore some useful ways to stay motivated.

Even when the sun is shining, and the summer weather is so inviting, we know that staying motivated can be tricky. Let's face it; life can get in the way sometimes, and one bump in the road can really put you off your flow. So if you're struggling to get outdoors, exercise at home or find the boost you need to get off the sofa, here are a few of our favourite ways to stay motivated.

Achievable Goals

Having a goal is a brilliant way to get the ball rolling because it provides a result for you to work towards. Whether you're entering a race or want to improve your personal record, having a realistic and achievable goal is a great motivator. It's even better if you can set intermittent goals along the way to track your progress!


Running the same loop or sessioning the same bike trails over and over again can lead to boredom and complacency. Try mixing up your training sessions to make them more interesting. Cross-training is an effective way to improve your fitness and abilities while working on supporting muscle groups, not to mention giving you a new focus.


Sometimes all it takes is that one song to get your toes tapping and blood pumping. Having a good playlist to train to can give you that little boost to push out that extra effort, take your mind away from the pain and have some fun with your workout.

Two's company

If you struggle with motivation, having a training or adventure buddy can be super effective. Not only does it encourage you and offer some friendly competition, but having someone to kick you up the butt can really help get you going. However, having a training partner works two ways; you can support them and encourage them in their pursuits too!

Treat yourself

Incentivising your training efforts, milestones and goal successes can be a very effective way to help get you going. Whether you treat yourself to a nice hot bath, a sweet treat or something much more, working towards those little nuggets of pleasure can offer some much-needed focus.

Remain flexible

Sometimes things will crop up, an injury may impede your efforts, or even just mood can create roadblocks. The most important thing is to remain flexible with your training and not be too hard on yourself if you cannot achieve a particular goal or session. Be flexible with your routine, change the order of your workout plan or make a deal with yourself to allow things to arise so you can work around them.