Fruit Bottles CBD Gummies

Fruit Bottles CBD Gummies


Fruit Bottles

500mg CBD
30 pieces / 10mg per Gummy

Vegan friendly, Lab tested, THC free, 100% Organic and delicious! What’s not too like?



Each tin of delicious Fruit Bottle Gummies contains 500mg of Organic CBD. Which works out at 10mg per sweet!

Our Fruit Bottles were designed to be eaten out on a long run on the trails. They give your body the well needed boost of sugars it needs, as well as building up an accumulative dosage of CBD. Sure, each sweet is 10mg which isn’t very strong, but on a long run if you have 2/3 Gummies, your body is getting a good dosage of CBD. Which in turn helps to manage your inflammation and improve your quality of sleep, allowing you to recover well so your do it again. And again.

The ingredients that we use in our Gummie range are 100% Organic! We are also really proud to say that our new Gummie range is vegan friendly, and of course 3rd party lab-tested to ensure 0% THC.

Having Fruit Bottle Gummies each day is not only a delicious solution for those who don’t like using CBD Oil, but more importantly, it’s a brilliant way to know your exact dosages. We can guarantee that in each sweet there is 10mg of CBD, enabling you to keep your dosage constant and see the best results.

We recommend starting with 2 to 3 Fruit Bottles per day (eat after a meal in the morning or evening for best results) and adjusting accordingly depending on what your body needs.


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