Autumnal Vibes | HCC Journal 20

Welcome to the 19th edition of the HCC Journal!

Autumn is one of the most popular seasons throughout the UK and the US. The temperatures start to dip; the colours are vibrant and seasonal flavours like pumpkin, cinnamon and apple waft through the air. In keeping with the autumnal trends, we have some delicious suggestions for CBD infusion.

Pumpkin Soup

Not only is soup delicious, but it's the perfect post-training meal. Blended fresh vegetables, hearty stock and heaps of seasoning make the soup a natural go-to for cold-weather comfort. Adding a few drops of Natural CBD oil is a great way to get your daily intake while adding a little extra flavouring to your meal.

Dessert Toppings

For the sweet tooths out there, treacle tart, pumpkin pie and apple crumble ooze autumnal vibes. Why not whip yourself up some cream or custard with natural CBD oil to give it an extra relaxing and tasty edge?

Mulled Apple

Apples are prime this time of the year. So why not chop up a tasty apple, and add it to a pan with orange slices, cinnamon and some apple juice? Give it a good stir and let it simmer for a few minutes before adding some CBD oil. Et voila! A tasty belly warmer for the chillier nights.

Chai Tea

Heat a pan of milk slowly before adding the contents of two regular tea bags. Add a cinnamon stick, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom pods, and sugar to taste. Leave to simmer for a few minutes, but not boil. Strain through a sieve before adding your CBD oil and serve.