The HCC Collective

      What is The HCC Collective?      


The Hill Country Collective provides more than a tool in an adventurer's kitbag. It's how we feel about spending time in the great outdoors and all it has given us. 


We want to bring together a group of people with adventurous minds – a collective that's willing to explore, recover, and discover together. No matter how you enjoy the hills, on wheels, skis, boards, or your own two feet, we want to help you get out there!




      A message from the founders      


Where do all good ideas start? In the pub! In this case, two friends, a couple of beers and a whinge about sore legs.


Training for our first ultra marathon, we had been putting our bodies through their paces in a way we never had before.


Despite sharing backgrounds in adventure sports, it was a significant mental and physical challenge, all the while juggling the pressures of life in a big city. 


We looked for ways to support our recovery and found nothing that worked for us; too many potential side effects, too artificial and too chemical. There was nothing out there that reflected our values or that we felt comfortable putting into our bodies regularly.

But we felt the value of spending time in the hill country of the UK and Europe so strongly that we could not stop searching...

After a little over a year of trail and error and a few hard lessons learned, we have a product line we can firmly stand behind.


An organic, ethically sourced supplement to aid recovery of the body and mind, with a fully transparent supply chain. Enabling us to keep pushing our limits out on the mountain trails and in the office. 


See you on the hill, 


Tom & Ben