Spartan Race Top Tips | HCC Journal 15

Welcome to the 15th edition of the HCC Journal!

The Spartan Race series carries with it a reputation for challenging athletes to their absolute limit. Pushing the mind and body to realms not experienced by any mere mortal, Spartan events range from obstacle courses to endurance running and more.

However, we believe that there's a Spartan in all of us and if you're tempted to throw your hat into the ring and see what you're truly made of, then worry not because we have an expert in our midst to help you not only survive, but overcome your Spartan challenge this year.

While living in Singapore in 2018, HCC ambassador, Jessie Montague of Team Grit OCR, began her race career. Having competed in numerous Spartan events over the years, Jessie has acclimated an impressive collection of wins and podium finishes. So when it comes to entering your first Spartan race, there's no one better for advice. Here are Jessie's 5 top tips for Spartan Racing.

Pick your race & commit.

It can feel scary, but once you've taken the plunge and signed up, you can really focus on the task at hand. Do it while you're feeling confident, and don't let the what if monster get you. The Spartan Sprint is the perfect starting place if you want to try one out.

Get training.

It doesn't have to be hours each day but do some prep before your race. At Team Grit, we combine strength, carries, grip work and running for all of our athlete's training plans. Make sure you spend a bit of time hanging around and building up your running for the distance you are going to race. The local park can be a great place to test out your monkey bar skills too. Kids, step aside!

Keep it positive!

As the race day creeps up, it can feel a bit daunting. I like to list 10 things I am feeling good about the night before a race, and that helps me stay in a good headspace. If you're worried about your first race, why not sign up with some friends and do it in a group for fun!

Fuel right.

Make sure you fuel for the race. For me, that looks like a carb-heavy meal at least 2 hours before my race. Depending on the distance, I will then take fuel with me for a Super, Beast or Ultra. There are water stations on the course, but I like to have my own just to make sure.

Have fun!

You are there to have fun. Smile for the cameras and give your biggest leap over the fire. Then, wear your medal with pride and tell anyone who will listen how much you crushed it!

Race hard, recover harder.

Don't forget to focus on recovery once your race is done; the DOMS can hit pretty hard if you don't. I make sure I hydrate and eat something as soon as possible to start the recovery process. Then I'll have a few CBD gummies and rub the balm onto any sore bits. Catch the HCC guys in their tent on the race day and grab a gummy for free!

If you ever want to talk Spartan racing, my DMs are always open, and I am happy to share tips and tricks that work for me. You can find me at @smiley_spartan_racer or @teamgrit.ocr