The HCC Range | HCC Journal 18

Welcome to your regular dose of HCC goodness. In this edition of the HCC Journal, we're diving deep into our full CBD product range. This year we introduced a new product for climbers while delivering all your favourite CBD products. Perhaps it's time to change it up and try something new from the HCC range. Here's what you could be missing...

Natural Flavour CBD Oil - 1,000mg

Our flagship product, HCC Natural Flavour CBD Oil, contains 1,000mg of high-quality, THC-free CBD Isolate. Without any artificial flavours or colourants, this 10ml bottle utilises a dropper for easy use and dosing, especially when you're on the go, thanks to its compact size. If the flavour doesn't tickle your taste buds, you can add CBD oil to your smoothie or even your morning coffee!

Fruit Bottle CBD Gummies - 300mg

A delicious alternative to CBD oil is our fruit bottle gummies! Each fruit bottle contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD, making them perfect for incremental and accurate dosing. The low dosage makes these gummies ideal training companions for endurance activities when you need a tasty boost of sugars that unlocks a wide range of CBD benefits.

Strawberry CBD Gummies - 1,500mg

If you're looking for something equally as delicious as our Fruit Bottles but want an additional boost of CBD, these strawberry gummies are the solution. Each piece packs a punch with 50mg of high-quality CBD extract with mouth-watering strawberry flavour.

Coconut CBD Climber's Balm - 300mg

New for 2022 is our CBD Climber's Balm! Our climber's balm soothes and relieves dry skin using organic coconut oil and beeswax, infused with 300mg of high-quality CBD extract. Not only does our balm help with chapped skin, but it helps to lock in moisture with its nourishing formula.

Peppermint CBD Muscle Rub - 500mg

For the post run, the après cycle and everything in between, our Peppermint CBD Muscle rub is just what you need to reduce inflammation and the onset of DOMs. Developed with beeswax, coconut oil, peppermint extract and 500mg of CDB, our muscle rub provides essential relief, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the next adventure.

Tempted to try something new? You can find all of these products in the HCC webstore.